Redesigning the Sawhorse:

A wide range of new designs for saw horses, accessories and work station components are in development now. This sawhorse-based system was created by Brian Campbell of Basswood Artisan Carpentry, St Paul, MN. The design was featured in the October 2013 issue of Fine Homebuilding Magazine. The Tri-horse design was a Runner Up in the DIY Category of the 2014 Core 77 Design Awards

Plans for the saw horses are available for those who want put the horses to work for themselves. These versatile 3-legged sawhorses are the heart of a new workstation system for jobsite or workshop. The horse employs heavy duty rails that are bored and slotted for clamping and adjustable height components and to reduce weight without appreciable loss of strength. Allows use at individual and distinct preferred heights as required by multiple users and in various modes.


We launched a kickstarter campaign on April 10th to fund a limited production test run and make TriHorses available for retail consumer purchase. We're hoping to raise $15,000 by May 10th. Please visit our Kickstarter page for more details and to pledge if you would like to be able to buy a finished TriHorse.

Three Legged Sawhorse
Tri-Horse Builder Plans
List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.00
Tri-Horse Builder Plans